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interesting game

I liked this one, good work :)

Cool little game, nice job!

Very chill game, interesting story, wish there were more 

A nice and calm game

Quite an interesting and scary game. The main thing that scares her is not just jumpscares, which would be quite simple, but the atmosphere. She is really oppressive here, albeit a little incomprehensible. I even saw 2 plot development options here, which I clarified in the video. In short, in one the main character survived, and in the other it's all - it's all just his death throes, as indicated by the changed main menu at the end. Well, to sum up, the game is interesting, I liked it.

A nice enjoyable chill game. It did feel like something was missing for me tho 





It's an interesting little game, well done!

Comments below clip:

That open grave. It loomed large over me, as I expected it to be, or become, my final resting place. After wandering around, I wondered who had dug those other graves, as they never appear naturally. And to whom or what belonged the hand...? And what role did the man with the umbrella play in the deaths of others, while saving mine...? So many questions, but, luckily, no answers.

Loved the game. So, thank you guys for making this game and kudos to all!

Great game!!! A little disturbing, peaceful, and calm.

Loved it!

Short but not bad. Made a video on it

great short creepy game

Really liked the feel of this game! I enjoyed how it's not easy to see everything (good job on the glow mechanic, it really helps) and the bits of story made me want to know more. Good job!

great jobs

Nice game!

love it thank you 

Short and sweet! I liked the atmosphere on it.